How Are We Distinguished?

“An important moment in life often comes through a particular experience. Sometimes, it can be through an encounter with a person, a book, or a movie.”  Nan Art Studio values encounter with each individual, and all our instructors teach with a commitment to provide students education that is meaningful and helpful for their foundational development.




I. Art is Fun
We strive to make the art a fun experience for everyone. Having fun while being engaged is very important for having a long-term passion and creating a vision for the future.

II. Learning to Observe
The first thing that we teach to our students at Nan Art is to observe. We encourage our beginning student to look at their subjects and spend enough time observing them. This part of teaching is necessary to enable students to start using both parts of their brains, in order to increase their visual sensitivity and start seeing things that they have overlooked before. Rather than merely following instructions, students are given time to observe and increase their artistic sensitivity.

III. Do Your Research
Research assignments and discussions at Nan Art help students to understand the contemporary art and develop their own artistic insight. This process is essential for students to realize their artistic styles and to come up with their own ideas. In addition, discussing about art gives them ability to articulate their own ideas and critique others’ work.

IV. Develop Ideas
Nan Art Studio encourages innovative and experimental approaches to art-making and we welcome new ideas. This approach helps students create distinguished portfolios that truly represent them.

V. Good Work Ethics
At Nan Art Studio, students are encouraged to embody artistic passion and spirit. We recommend students to work voluntarily rather than passively.

VI. The Importance of Critique
We offer each of our students unbiased feedbacks and critique, helping them see their own work with objective eyes.

With these strategies, we have successfully admitted our students to various art programs, and they have continued to perform well even after their admissions.


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