Helping students develop their artistic talent

Nan Art Studio will help our students realize their talents and polish their skills:

Nan Art Studio’s Visual Arts Program was developed to catapult and stimulate creativity. We encourage artistic expression and experimentation in order to develop confidence, and openness to new creative ideas and cultures. The program teaches the historical and contemporary art techniques of sculpture, painting, drawing, and more. The Nan Art Studio's Visual Arts Program is for students who wish to improve their skills and excel in the Visual Arts. Under the guidance of Nan Art Studio’s Instructors students develop ideas, and learn techniques that lead to the production of outstanding visual artwork. This program is for the most inexperienced artists up through advanced art students.

Arts and College Prep Academy:
Nan Art Studio is an art center geared toward creative development and portfolio preparation. Our curriculum is an individualized program in which each student’s personal interests and skills are the focus. With a lot of hard work, 100% of our students have excelled to their greatest potential and have earned admittance into many of the highest-ranked BFA and MFA programs, most having received scholarships. At Nan Art, we believe that artistic growth and development should take place in a diverse and supportive environment. Our instructors are professionals in the visual arts with a passion for teaching. They offer a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Illustration, Industrial, Computer, Graphic, Interior Design, and Architecture.

Programs Offered:
• Portfolio Class (COLLEGE PORTFOLIO PREPARATION- College Application / Transfer)
• AP Art Class Supplementary Program
• GHP Preparation Class
• IVY League Supplement Materials Preparation
• Hobby Class (Grades 6-12)