About Nan Art

aboutNan Art Studio is a private fine art/design institution located in Duluth, Georgia. With over a thirty years of teaching experience, we have designed art programs to help students prepare for AP Art Classes, Governor’s Honors Program, and ivy league admissions supplementary materials. As a result, many of our students have been admitted to best art schools world-wide with merit-based scholarships, as well as received recognitions in art competitions nationwide.

Our teaching faculty is comprised of practicing artists and designers who have a variety of field experiences. We respect each individual student’s personality and traits, and thus strive to extract students’ originality. Through meetings that focus on each student, Nan Art provides insights to contemporary art and encourages experimentation. For that reason, we have been recognized as one of the most superior art preparatory institutions in the United States. Here at Nan Art Studio, programs are available for students and young artists who wish to develop their talents and creativity. We will try our best to make Nan Art a meaningful meeting place where we can share our artistic passions with our students.

- Founding Director, Kwan Young Lee