AP Class

What is AP Art?
AP Art Courses are designed based on college-level foundational courses and are offered to high school students who are hoping to experience higher-level art courses. By the end of each course, students in AP Art Classes are required to submit a body of work to be scored.

Based on their portfolios, students are evaluated on how well they understood and followed through the AP course criteria. Students who have received honorable AP scores may be eligible to enroll in advanced courses or receive elective credits in college.

Are You Having These Problems?
• I am not sure what the requirements are in AP Art Courses.
• I do not know how to start and approach a project.
• I am lacking foundational skills.
• I am not sure how to come up with ideas.
• I do not know how to use art materials.
• I have so much assignment, but not enough time to complete them.

In Nan Art’s AP Supplementary Class,
We help the students to better understand their AP Art requirements and enable them to participate in school class environment with more confidence. In particular, our faculty provides expert advice starting with the idea development stage to the finishing stage of work. We try our best to resolve our students’ struggles in following with the AP requirements.