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In Nan Art Studio’s Portfolio Class…

We teach the Portfolio Class with a goal for helping students apply/transfer to undergraduate/graduate fine art programs. All students in the Portfolio Class get their own personal workspace within our studio. Portfolio preparation begins with meetings with individual students to organize their ideas for building a conceptually cohesive body of work. Research assignments are given every week to help students learn about contemporary art and realize infinite possibilities. Our instructors with a variety of art degrees are always here to give specific advices and feedbacks. In addition to portfolio production, we also help with application procedures, interview preparations, work documentations, and college essays. We try our best to help students get accepted to their dream schools.

This intensive Portfolio Class, taught by artists and designers, is intended for students who are becoming serious about the visual arts and/or preparing for college applications. The emphasis will be on developing skills and style in drawing, painting, and sculpture. This intensive studio course will focus on the production of a large selection of finished portfolio pieces in a variety of media and approaches. Emphasis will be placed on technical skill as well as conceptual development, guiding students to create a complete portfolio which showcases their unique strengths and personality, demonstrates the ability to express complex ideas visually, and shows a diverse range of media and approaches. The class will include intensive one-on-one instruction and counseling geared towards each student’s individual goals and admissions requirements. Students will also each receive a professionally photographed digital portfolio of their work at the completion of the course.

What is Portfolio Development?
Portfolio Development is a production-oriented class intended for high school age students who wish to expand their fine art portfolio prior to applying to higher education fine arts programs. Most public and private schools offer good and practical instruction toward producing standard portfolio materials that colleges and art schools want to see. Nonetheless most students should produce artwork that also accurately defines their personal style and interest. As colleges have modified their acceptance criteria in recent years, students who can more precisely define their goals and the schools they believe will support their aspirations, have a better chance of making a favorable impression.

Why would you want this?
Portfolio Development is a class that offers students a structured time to focus on this important element of their path, to create portfolio specific artwork, with guidance and feedback. Students will be encouraged to define their own projects and express their own style and not that of the instructor.

Interested but not sure?
Most students and families who are considering Portfolio Development find a visit to the studio is helpful to decide if this will be a good fit and learn more about the class details. Please call 678-891-8638 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a visit.